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It’s not easy being the daughter of Captain Hook. Twelve-year-old Jocelyn dreams of following in his footsteps – but her grandfather sends her to finishing school instead. When her father meets his unfortunate end, Jocelyn sails to Neverland to avenge his death. But she hadn’t bargained on ticking crocodiles, lazy pirates and a troublemaking boy called Peter Pan.


Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Chicken House (5 Mar. 2015)



My Review

I adored this book! It was a wild thing full of adventure and told by a kooky narrator that I loved! Neverland is one of my most favourite places and this spin on it is just glorious! I just want to go back and live it all over again!

Jocelyn is the daughter of the fearsome Captain James Hook and longs to join him on his dangerous adventures. Thing is shes never met her father, only heard stories of his legend…but she wants in! Jocelyn has no such luck being stuck in a silly finishing school learning how to become a ‘proper lady’! But when word comes of his untimely death and a revenge proposition…Jocelyn’s off without a second thought!

Neverland itself is gorgeously described with vivid descriptors of lush landscapes and wonderfully memorable characters. I loved watching Jocelyn interact with the people she found there and also the wild way in which she navigates Neverland. Danger lurks around every corner and Jocelyn is afraid but she won’t let anything stand in her way of killing that terrifying croc!

All in all I think this was a magnificent tale bursting with imagination. It features one fearsome little lady who dares to be different to hell with the consequences – I LOVE her. The story had hilarious moments, sweet moments and if I’m completely honest it had it all for me. (I’m hanging on to it for my daughter and I don’t often say that). Bring on book 2 and the next adventure.

5/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Chicken House for the review copy*





Guest Post

Manners for Pirates

“[Hook] was never more sinister than when he was most polite…”

― Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

“I’ll teach you some manners, girlie.”

“That’s unlikely. I’ve already been to finishing school,”

—Hook’s Daughter, Heidi Schulz

Manners are a code of etiquette based on thoughtfulness. In other words, good manners are about making others comfortable. As such, what may be considered well-mannered in one company could be looked down on as poor breeding in another. Should you ever find yourself among a fierce and bloodthirsty crew of pirates these guidelines will help you keep from embarrassing yourself.

* When asking for something, never say please. In fact, don’t even bother asking. Pirates take what they want.

* Do not make mention of other pirates’ lack of battle scars. The only comments regarding another’s physical appearance should be along the lines of, “What a lovely wooden leg. I wish I had one!”

* If you need to get someone’s attention politely jab him or her with a cutlass.

* Clean your sword after every kill lest your next victim fears you have little regard for him.

* Always dispose of your own bodies. No one likes having to clean up after others.

* Don’t pick your nose before meals. Cook will be angry if you spoil your appetite.

* When you do pick your nose, kindly chew with your mouth closed. It’s impolite to make a show of eating in front of others.

* If you need to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose until you pass out. This will help slow the spread of disease.

* If you cannot say something nice about someone or something, well done. It would appear you are getting the hang of things.

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