Breaker by Kat Ellis (Review)

breakerSummary from Goodreads

Kyle Henry has a new name, a new school, and a new life. A year has passed since his serial killer father’s execution, and it finally looks like he has a chance to escape the stigma and fear that haunts him.

Until he recognizes the girl sitting in the back row in homeroom.

Naomi Steadman is immediately intrigued by Kyle, but she doesn’t know he is the son of the man who murdered her mother. What she does know is she and Kyle have a connection—and a spark that Kyle continues to back away from.

Pretty soon, the death count on campus starts to rise. Someone is set on finishing what the Bonebreaker started, and reliving the horrors of their past may be the only thing that can stop the spree.

Told in alternating viewpoints, Kat Ellis’s tale of mystery and horror is full of broken bonds and new beginnings.

Paperback, 304 pages
Published May 24th 2016 by Running Press Teen

My Review

I really really enjoyed Breaker. It has such an interesting premise that it managed to suck me in right away. What I think I loved the most were all the unique characters that all had their own issues going on.

The dual narrative was interesting, giving the right insight into each characters world without giving too much away. Kat Ellis choose the perfect moments to reveal those big shockers but she also knew just when to pull back and keep you guessing. The storyline was somewhat slow-paced but all the more time to toy with the readers…

I thought the romance was a tad on the obvious side but it blossomed in a slow, natural way that I believed in it. I had hair pulling moments at some of the characters decisions and really rooted for them at other times. We also see how characters handle some tough topics like the deterioration of health in a loved one and long-term effects of a brain injury.

Breaker is another great read from Kat Ellis. It brings the chills, thrills and edge-of-your-seat moments. It’s very easy for me to say that I’m eagerly awaiting more works from Kat!

4.5/5 Stars


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